This is wonderful

This is wonderful synchronicity for me as the law of attraction as what I’m working with using various resources.

Also the law of attraction by abraham The Law of Attraction: The Basics of the Teachings of Abraham.

Not dealing with our emotions can be devasting effect on our ability to manifest and attract anything positive into our lives, I have seen many examples of people who haven’t let go of strong debilitating negative issues/emotions and stay in a rut for years

I use my reiki training, positive affirmations, positive thinking, the Sedona Method to help me deal with underlying fears and worry about any situation, as not dealing with it, leads nowhere.

Sometimes life seems insurmountable and hard, it doesn’t have to be, there is a lot of wisdom and love out there, set your intent that the solutions and support you need are always there for you.

Consistency and focusing on what you do want and letting go of the negative emotions of what you don’t want is key here as well as it tells the Universe you really choose this in your life.

Lots of emotions can get in the way especially fear, sometimes we want something badly we are too scared to really have as that would involve change and therefore push it away subconsciously.

I will keep people posted on how I’m doing as I have found some good bits of my “jigsaw of life” and now understand how to put different goals, intentions and desires into action.

New, talking defibrillator

What will they think of next? Apparently, the answer to that question is a defibrillator machine that barks instructions to physicians. The thinking behind it being that if the doctor is stressed or distracted, the voice will keep her on track and with the task at hand. “It’s like a very good instructor whispering into your ear, telling you what to do,” said Dr. Kenneth Morallee, vice president of strategic development for Laerdal, the Norwegian co-developer of the new device. “If you do it well, it shuts up.”

The machine will help physicians deliver better, more consistent compression on patients’ chests, which according to Dr. Petter Steen, professor in the surgical division at Ulleval University Hospital in Oslo is “the most important factor for survival” in patients with cardiac arrest. “They do half the compressions they need to do and they’re not pressing hard enough,” said Steen, referring to paramedics who don’t use Q-CPR. “But with the device, we’re up to twice the heart compressions that we had before.”

This new technology sounds like it could help even the most harried emergency room doctor.

Want to Get Pregnant? Have Wild, Energetic Sex

Trying to have a baby? According to a recent story in the Guardian newspaper, researchers say that couples who have great sex – forsaking extensive book learning’ and temperature readings and all other mechanical methods – might have a better chance at conceiving.

“Couples who are trying to have a baby often mention that the sex becomes a bit of a chore, a bit mechanical and routine. That’s the wrong thing to be doing,” says Dr Allan Pacey, a senior lecturer in andrology at Sheffield University and secretary of the British Fertility Society. “The sex should be as wild and thrilling as it was when they first met, when they weren’t thinking about babies, to give them the maximum possible chance of having a baby,” he adds. One researcher refers to this kind of mutually satisfying sex as “gourmet sex.”

Men usually produce about 250 million sperm during intercourse; but those who are fully stimulated by gourmet sex can ejaculate up to 50% more than that. According to Pacey, an extra five minutes of sexual activity before ejaculation can produce an extra 25 million sperm – plus the extra sperm released are of a higher standard.

This research supports previous studies that demonstrate that men who have viewed pornography before ejaculation also produce greater amounts of sperm.

The role of the female orgasm is much disputed, with some researchers believing that it has no impact whatsoever on the ability to conceive. But others insist that the muscle contractions that occur during climax make it easier for sperm to make its way to the cervix and therefore increase the odds for conception.

How To Remove Skin Tags Yourself

What Surgeons Don’t Want You To Know

Before you take the time to learn how to remove skin tags yourself, let’s just make sure we know what the heck they are and think about why we might want to get rid of them.

They’re just small growths of tissue that protrude from your body’s surface. Some are short little bumps that might get confused for a wart. Others are long enough to flop over and dangle. They can be found anywhere on your body, but are common on eyelids, noses, necks and cheeks. You know, prominent places for others to notice. Perhaps that’s one reason you’re looking for info on the way to get rid of these tags yourself.

The annoying tags are very common, especially as you get older. They’re most often benign, but you should always seek your doctor’s advice when you’re health and well-being are concerned.

Common Reasons You Might Seek Out Skin Tags Removal by Yourself

Even though they’re described as painless on their own, they can be the cause of pain, both physical and emotional.

I should admit there was a time when I had less sympathy than I now have. I remember once laughing hysterically as an old roommate snagged a skin tag under his razor trying to shave his face. They can make shaving a far longer chore than it already can be. Finally he just grew a beard and trimmed instead of shave.

They can be in the way of jewelry, or get irritated by clothes. You might even have one right where your shirt collar rubs against your neck. Ouch!

I mentioned emotional pain above because it stings as much as my roommates razor did. We are in a fairly materialistic society, and looks are a target people sometimes enjoy shooting a few arrows at. This factor alone is the most common reason people seek out the method of removing tags.

Whatever your reason, you’re not alone. It’s common to have such tags, and it’s common for us who do to want to get rid of them.

Fastest Way To Lose Weight Train Your Brain!

A good attitude will get you through  almost anything in life.  Most people slip up when they get angry, sad, unmotivated or frustrated.  Nothing feels better to a disappointment, or a broken heart than a piece of chocolate!  But you can overcome reaching out to food as comfort. You can train your brain to respond differently to your emotional ups and downs for the fastest way to lose weight.

Next time the blues come knocking, take them to the gym!  Research has shown that exercise is a powerful antidepressant! Exercise actually helps the brain create endorphins that make you feel good.  Even if  you don’t feel like exercising, if you can just get yourself to the gym for 20 minutes, chances are you’ll feel better once you get there and stay longer.

Train yourself to workout first thing in the morning for the fastest way to lose weight healthy.  Even if you have to wake up an hour earlier to get that 45 minute power walk in -do it!  You’ll feel so much better once it’s done.   I always feel like I’ve accomplished so much by getting my workout finished first thing in the morning.  It’s over with plus, I start the day feeling good from all the endorphins I’ve created.  For me, the fastest way to loose weight is to get it over with first thing in the morning!

Use hypnosis -it works!  There are some great weight loss hypnosis mp3’s on that you can download and listen to as you are falling asleep at night.  You will wake up  feeling motivated to put on you tennis shoes and go for a jog!

Repeat affirmations for the fastest way to lose weight quickly.  If you find yourself saying I can’t possibly have time to workout today, consciously repeat affirmations to guide your mind back into the direction you want go.  The more feeling you have when you say your affirmation, the more powerful it will be.  Say, “I am lean, fit and sexy and I have plenty of time to work out with ease.”  See yourself the way you want to be and hold that vision in your mind throughout the day, especially when you feel tempted to cheat -you will feel motivated to stay focused.

Write down what you eat.  When you are held accountable for your actions, you tend to do better.  Many people think they don’t eat much, but when you actually write down everything you put in your mouth -you may be surprised!  I think that’s why Weight Watchers is so effective.  Also, write down your workouts.  The fastest way to lose weight without exercise is to keep a journal of all you eat.  It will make it easy to go back and revise anything that isn’t working.